FTS is part of AEM global family of innovators. Our collective purpose is to empower communities and organizations to survive – and thrive – in the face of escalating environmental risks.


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It was the late 1970s when Bill Cave first imagined automating the collection of weather data by marrying radio telemetry to remote electronic monitoring stations. As a researcher with the Canadian Forest Service, he knew the systems were needed. Certain in his vision, he began developing his first prototypes in the basement of his home in Victoria, Canada and by 1980 he was taking out a mortgage on his home to incorporate FTS.

By 1984 FTS had sold over 200 weather stations across Canada, and by 1990 stations had been installed in over 900 locations across Canada and the United States.  Since that time, FTS grew steadily in sales, reach, and reputation in the environmental monitoring industry. In January 2019, FTS became part of the AEM global family of innovators along with 6 other world class environmental monitoring companies.

Today, FTS is a global leader in reliable and innovative situational awareness solutions focusing on wildfire and hydrology for public and private sector customers as part of AEM.  Our mission is to make our customers successful in their efforts to monitor, record, and analyze changes in the natural environment.