Core Competencies

Core Competencies

Critical Data Delivery

We understand applications that require data from your remote stations no matter what.

Remote Deployment

Partly by beginning in British Columbia, Canada, and partly from the nature of fire weather and the need for massive spatial coverage in forest regions, we have learned the challenges of continuously monitoring the weather in very remote locations. Lack of infrastructure and inaccessibility (or an extremely high cost of physically getting to stations) are obstacles that we have tremendous experience overcoming.

Extreme Environments

We also know all about the hazards faced by high tech equipment for scientific data collection in the wilderness. We understand how to design products and systems for locations where grizzly bears, lightning strikes, hurricanes, extreme heat or extreme cold are realities.

Scientific Grade Accuracy

Many decisions are made based on the quality of data that is measured. We understand the importance of accuracy as much as our fire weather customers, who make decisions daily that involve thousands or millions of dollars and affect public safety.

Operational Simplicity

Our experience in fire weather has also taught us the importance of keeping systems simple to install, simple to operate and simple to maintain. We’ve come to realize that anyone who works with environmental monitoring equipment, no matter how skilled, wants complexity eliminated. Not only does it make their job easier, it saves money from reduced training costs and increases reliability, by eliminating errors.

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