We Are the Fire Weather World Leader

In the past 35 years, FTS has become an effective and trusted supplier to the wildland fire community. In this time we have worked closely with our customers to continuously improve and shape our technology to meet the needs of fire professionals. Our fire weather stations are in use in virtually every province, state and territory of United States, Canada and South America. Our systems are fast and simple to deploy. They are designed for reliable operation in harsh, remote environments. They meet or exceed US NFDRS standards and Canadian Fire Weather Index requirements. Our success has translated into our position as worldwide leader in fire weather monitoring.

More fire management professionals rely on FTS than any other partner. We know fire weather better than anyone.

Types of Monitoring

FTS equipment is used to monitor environmental conditions for a variety of fire weather applications. Permanent or “fixed” stations operate continually throughout the year to constantly collect and transmit data from remote locations to help forecast the danger of wildfires starting in a given area. Portable stations that can be set up in any location temporarily are a valuable tool for prescribed burning. When wildfires do occur, existing networks of fixed stations and the deployment of portable stations surrounding the fire greatly aid efforts to control and suppress the wildfire. But it’s not only wildfires that create an immediate need to monitor weather conditions—natural or man-made disasters that have an environmental impact warrant the need to quickly mobilize weather stations to track the spread of contaminants.


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