Gill Windsonic

Gill Windsonic (SDI-UWS-GILL)

Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors offer an alternative to conventional cup and vane or propeller type wind sensors. They are robust and lightweight with no moving parts, and use an SDI-12 interface, therefore offering several advantages over analog sensors. This sensor is suitable for land or marine applications.

Key Features:

  • Simple and light to deploy
  • No moving parts—unaffected by perching birds

An ultrasonic anemometer measures the time taken for an ultrasonic pulse to travel from one transducer to the opposite transducer and then compares it with the time taken for another pulse to travel in the opposite direction. Likewise, differences are measured between other pairs of transducers.

Because sound travels more quickly with wind direction, and more slowly against wind direction, both wind speed and direction are thus calculated.

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