Heated Rain Gauge

Heated Rain Gauge

The RG-E12-30 heated rain gauge is a high precision tipping bucket rain gauge. Approved to CSA (Canadian Standards Association) special inspection standards and meeting U.S. Field evaluation requirements, the RG-E12-30 offers exceptional calibration retention.

Powered by 120VAC and dual thermostat controlled, the RG-E12-30 uses a 125W Heater to enable sustained operation in temperatures as low as -30°C.

The mounting base and integral leveling system of the RG-E12-30 make it quick and easy to install using existing FTS tower mounting hardware or to attach to an alternate support structure. The tipper bucket rides on shock-mounted jeweled bearings, ensuring long lasting operation and sensitive action to accurately capture even very small rain events. The base and support posts for the tipper’s jeweled bearings are precision cast as a single structure, providing maximum vibration resistance.

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