SDI Soil Moisture / Temperature Sensor

SDI Soil Moisture / Temperature Sensor (S-HPII)

The FTS SDI soil sensor is the Stevens Hydra Probe II, which offers a unique advantage over other soil probes by providing an all-in-one, in-situ system that can measure many different parameters simultaneously. The FTS SDI soil sensor instantly calculates soil moisture, electrical conductivity, and temperature as well as supplying the raw voltages and complex dielectric permittivity for research applications.

  • Simultaneously measures soil moisture, soil salinity and soil temperature
  • Instantaneous sensor response
  • Maintenance-free
  • No calibration requirements
  • Custom calibration available for peat, grain, and organic soil
  • Temperature corrected
  • Compact, rugged for years of in-soil use
  • 7.62m (25ft) cable length

If you require soil temperature measurements only, DigiTemp is a more cost-effective solution.

Three-lead connection (S-HPII-FLD) provides compatibility with all existing dataloggers, or optional bayonet connector (S-HPII-CON) for watertight, quick connect compatibility with Axiom Dataloggers.

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