CS2 GOES/Meteosat Antenna

EON2 CS2 GOES/Meteosat Antenna

The last GOES/Meteosat and GPS antenna you’ll ever need.

The EON2 GOES/Meteosat antenna is CS2 compliant and requires no assembly, and no aiming in most locations. Rugged by design, it is completely sealed for marine environments and dome-shaped for superior ice/snow shedding. Furthermore, it is smaller, lighter and more durable than a Yagi.

Key Features:

  • One antenna replaces separate GOES and GPS* antennas
  • Cabinet top mounting eliminates exposed wiring
  • Aiming bracket recommended for METEOSAT
  • Extremely rugged—nothing to break
  • Quick to install and reliable to operate

*GPS is optional.

Small and light

  • 32 cm x 13 cm at widest (12.7″ x 5.2″)
  • 396 g (Less than 1 lb.)

Sealed enclosure

  • Reliable operation in harsh environments (ice and snow, marine environments).
  • Material is designed for prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture and heat.

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