Remote Automated Observation System

Wildfire Situational Awareness

Each year thousands of wildfires occur across the United States and Canada. All fires require continuous local monitoring so agencies can make effective decisions that save lives and property. Acting as overwatch, the FTS360 software and the Remote Automated Observation System (RAOS) PTZ provide ground and air attack teams reliable imagery with weather overlay data during the day and near IR at night to support lookout teams.


  • RAOS PTZ camera system provides you with live 1080p video streaming at 30fps with a 360 degree FOV, 40x optical zoom capability and an internal heater for operation to -40 C/F.
  • FTS360 is your secure and reliable web based software for camera control, viewing live streaming video with azimuth and weather station information overlay.
  • FTS360 Overwatch provides shared access to user selectable content from FTS360 for extended teams over PC’s and mobile devices.

Day mode

Night mode

FTS360 Overwatch
Shared Access

Whiskey Fire

Arizona, 2018

The Whiskey fire was spotted by Apache Sitgreaves National Forest personnel in the early afternoon using FTS360 live streaming video on their monitors 500 miles away. The RAOS PTZ system was installed on the unmanned Gentry watchtower 7 miles away.
The fire was located 5 miles south of the town of Heber-Overgaard in a remote valley hidden from view.

The incident response team were dispatched and quickly verified the initial fire observations and suppression needs. One helicopter with bucket and foam and five additional fire fighters and the Whiskey fire was fully contained at 8.7 acres by 18:00.


FTS360 is a secure and reliable cloud-based platform that allows you to view sensor and station data, camera images and video. Take advantage of user programmable advanced calculations, intelligent alerting, and full configuration capabilities no matter where you are.

  • Connectivity from edge to cloud has been secured with encryption and user authentication
  • Create alerts and actions within your network so it reacts automatically and intelligently
  • PTZ camera control
  • Optional value-add layers such as Lightning and Air Quality Index
  • Direct API integration with 3rd party analysis packages

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