Wildfire PTZ

Wildfire PTZ

Wildfire Situational Awareness

Each year thousands of wildfires occur across the United States and Canada. All fires require continuous local monitoring so agencies can make effective decisions that save lives and property. Acting as overwatch, the FTS360 software and the Wildfire PTZ provide ground and air attack teams reliable imagery with weather overlay data during the day and near IR at night to support lookout teams.


  • Wildfire PTZ camera system provides you with live 1080p video streaming at 30fps with a 360 degree FOV, 40x optical zoom capability and an internal heater for operation to -40 C/F.
  • FTS360 is your secure and reliable web based software for camera control, viewing live streaming video with azimuth and weather station information overlay.
  • FTS360 Overwatch provides shared access to user selectable content from FTS360 for extended teams over PC’s and mobile devices.

FTS360 Wildfire PTZ
Day mode

FTS360 Wildfire PTZ
Night mode

FTS360 Overwatch
Shared Access

Whiskey Fire

Arizona, 2018

The Whiskey fire was spotted by Apache Sitgreaves National Forest personnel in the early afternoon using FTS360 live streaming video on their monitors 500 miles away. The Wildfire PTZ system was installed on the unmanned Gentry watchtower 7 miles away.
The fire was located 5 miles south of the town of Heber-Overgaard in a remote valley hidden from view.

The incident response team were dispatched and quickly verified the initial fire observations and suppression needs. One helicopter with bucket and foam and five additional fire fighters and the Whiskey fire was fully contained at 8.7 acres by 18:00.


FTS360 is a secure and reliable cloud-based platform that allows you to view sensor and station data, camera images and video. Take advantage of user programmable advanced calculations, intelligent alerting, and full configuration capabilities no matter where you are.

  • Connectivity from edge to cloud has been secured with encryption and user authentication
  • Create alerts and actions within your network so it reacts automatically and intelligently
  • PTZ camera control
  • Optional value-add layers such as Lightning and Air Quality Index
  • Direct API integration with 3rd party analysis packages



FTS currently offers AC/DC powered as well as solar powered Wildfire PTZ camera systems: each of these systems can be configured with Ethernet, Cellular or Microwave Point to Point communications, depending on the nature and availability of resources at the installation site.

Our AC/DC system is designed as a self-installation package for sites with on-site power. Typical use cases are Internet Service Provider tower sites, Communication tower sites, and industrial complexes.

Our solar power system is designed for remote locations where on-site power is unreliable or unavailable. Typical use cases for this system are remote fire watch towers, remote mine sites, etc. Solar powered camera systems are not typically self-installed, please contact FTS and we will be happy to arrange an installation date/time.

It is important that you consider the following when choosing a camera installation site:

  • Field of view for the camera
  • Availability of power (solar vs AC/DC)
  • Availability of Internet access (Ethernet, Microwave point to point, Cellular)

The Wildfire PTZ camera systems require the customer to provide internet service with a port forwarded, static IP address and an internet connection with a minimum upload/download bandwidth of 2.5 mbps per camera hosted on the network.

Most Internet Service Provider and Communication towers and structures with AC power and comms on site are suitable for our Wildfire PTZ camera system provided the internet provider can supply the minimum 2.5 mbps per camera bandwidth.

Remote sites that do not have power and/or coms require a site evaluation to determine suitability. At a minimum all remote installation sites must have unobstructed, direct sunlight for the solar panels and either cellular service or Line of Site (LOS) to establish a microwave point to point link back to a Internet source that meets the minimum bandwidth requirements.


Our AC powered camera system is designed as a self-installation package that most Internet Service Provider and Communication tower technicians are comfortable working with. Due to the complexity of the solar system, FTS Service will provide a team to perform the installation.

Our AC/DC powered camera system has an indoor, rail/rack mounted power supply, breakers and POE. The camera and surge protectors are externally mounted. If a secure, waterproof cabinet is required, please contact FTS to discuss options.

Note: the solar powered system is mounted inside a secure, waterproof cabinet that is typically installed outdoors at the site.


FTS Wildfire PTZ camera systems can operate over Ethernet, Cellular and Microwave point to point links. Due to bandwidth restrictions our systems do not currently work over any Satellite networks.

Yes, multiple cameras can be installed on the same network or at the same installation site provided there is enough bandwidth on the network to handle the traffic. Note that in our standard AC package allows up to 4 cameras at an individual site without additional switches/routers. Additional solar panels may be required to support additional cameras at solar powered sites.

FTS currently works with Verizon using the RV50 modem; AT&T FirstNet can be supported with an RV55 modem. Modems require a public, static M2M sim card. Please note that it is important to ensure any cellular data package selected can support the monthly data usage of a PTZ camera.


While the PTZ camera systems can be supported to work on the Federal Enterprise Networks, at this time, these networks are restricted access only. If a camera system were hosted on the Federal Network the feed would not be allowed outside to the worldwide web. This prevents users outside of the federal network from accessing the camera streams. Therefore, any remote workers, or extended teams on deployment, or mobile users would not be able to use the system.


Our AC/DC systems support 120V AC and both 24 V and 48 V DC.

Our solar system employs 2 x 300W solar panels and are configured with battery backup for sites that have no/intermittent AC power available.


All PTZ systems are supplied with surge protection and an optional lightning protection package is available, where applicable.



Our FTS360 SaaS provides a secure, cloud-based command and control platform for image and video streaming. The FTS360OVERWATCH SaaS provides a public facing website that allows the public and extended teams to view stored images and time-lapse video.

Both FTS360 and FTS360OVERWATCH are optimized for viewing on desktop, laptop and tablets.

A subscription to our FTS360OVERWATCH SaaS allows easy configuration of a network of your cameras and weather stations for the public to view.

Multiple people can view the camera but each direct connection and stream from the camera requires 2.5 mbps. FTS also provides a public facing website. This SaaS allows multiple users to simultaneously view the camera images and time-lapses without impacting bandwidth.

All cameras systems require a subscription to the FTS360 SaaS platform. A subscription to the FTS360OVERWATCH platform is optional.


Yes, RAWS stations can be added to the same FTS360 agency and FTS360OVERWATCH events. In FTS360 you can pair a RAWS with a RAOS and overlay the weather data on the saved images for enhanced situational awareness.

FTS provides an optional NVR that allows for the capturing and storage of video.


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