FTS designs and manufactures extremely rugged systems, dataloggers, DCPs and sensors for hydrology and hydromet monitoring. Our focus is to make our customers successful in their efforts to monitor, record and analyze changes in the natural environment.

FTS commitment to our customers is to develop, deliver reliable innovative hydrologic monitoring products, systems and solutions. Our industry-leading customer service will deliver operational excellence, timely service, integrity and monitoring solutions for a changing environment.

We don’t just manufacture equipment, we constantly innovate advanced environmental monitoring technology. Because we understand our customers and their goals, our technology is engineered specifically for harsh environments in remote locations. It also has to operate continually, reliably, for long periods of time, with minimal maintenance requirements and ease-of-use.

We’ve developed the world’s first turbidity event-triggered sampling system that can determine sediment and nutrient loads more accurately than with traditional methods. It provides the best method of characterizing impairments, ensuring sound decisions affecting public safety are made, and best management practices are implemented and effective.

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