FTS designs and manufactures extremely rugged weather monitoring systemsdata loggers, DCPs and sensors for hydrological and hydromet monitoring. Our focus is to provide innovative monitoring solutions for a variety of environmental applications. Our variety of applications ranges from surface water, water quality, storm water, ground water, irrigation, reservoir and other applications.

Our technology is engineered specifically for harsh environments in remote locations, so it has to operate continually, reliably, for long periods of time, with minimal maintenance requirements.

We don’t just manufacture equipment, we constantly innovate advanced environmental monitoring technology. And because we understand our customers and their goals, we produce solutions that have a direct impact on ease-of-use Our customers have told us that tremendous power should not come at the expense of simplicity.

We’ve developed the world’s first turbidity event-triggered grab sampling system that can determine sediment and nutrient loads significantly more accurately than with traditional methods. It provides the best method of characterizing impairments, ensuring sound decisions affecting public safety are made and best management practices are implemented and effective.

FTS is a World Leader in Turbidity Monitoring

Turbidity in natural waters is recognized as an important indicator of its environmental health, and because it’s a good surrogate for suspended sediment, monitoring turbidity has always been the “holy grail” for hydrologists. But because of earlier technology, “turbidity” has traditionally been a “bad word”. The DTS-12 turbidity sensor is the first sensor to make turbidity monitoring practical, and no longer difficult, inaccurate, expensive, or labor-intensive.

Turbidity is the cloudiness or murkiness of water caused by suspended organic or inorganic materials. Turbidity in natural waters is recognized as an important indicator of its environmental health.

  • Turbidity can be a good indication of impairments such as nutrients and e-coli, and is an excellent surrogate for suspended sediment concentration.
  • Fish habitat is impacted by turbidity. Suspended particles absorb sunlight, raising the temperature of water which causes oxygen concentration to fall. Poor visibility also impedes feeding.
  • Monitoring turbidity in a watershed permits preemptive response to water quality events which could otherwise put the public health in jeopardy. FTS’ systems can be configured with flexible early warning detection capabilities to fire alarms via email or SMS messaging upon one or more conditions being met.
  • Enables regulatory and compliance monitoring of NTU thresholds, TMDLs and BMPs.
  • Permits monitoring impacts of land development and resource extraction, including adherence to the EPA’s new standards controlling the discharge of pollutants from construction sites.
  • Provides easy detection of contaminants due to stormwater runoff.
  • Turbidity is very useful for triggering strategic, event-based automated sampling. Unlike stage or other measurements, an increase in turbidity is definitely indicative of an issue that should be sampled. Our SedEvent system is designed around this concept of turbidity threshold sampling.
  • Continuous monitoring of turbidity captures far more temporal data to provide a far better characterization of turbidity changes over time than manual grab sampling.


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