Axiom SDI-AM Analog Interface Module

Axiom SDI-AM Analog Interface Module

The Axiom SDI-AM Analog Interface Module is a flexible expansion interface that is compatible with a wide variety of analog sensors and any SDI-12 compliant datalogger / DCP such as the Axiom. It allows virtually any analog sensor to connect to the SDI-12 port of a datalogger. It also allows the datalogger to control power to a wide range of devices (e.g. pumps, cameras, actuators, etc.)

The SDI-AM includes four individually configurable analog input channels; two switched 12V power supply outputs, two individually configurable, stable, excitation voltage outputs and a general-purpose counter input. The electronics are enclosed in a rugged case to provide a compact and waterproof enclosure that includes standard FTS shoulder bolts for quick installation on our unique keyway plates. Electrical connections are made by easy-to-use spring clip terminal strip connectors.

As an SDI device, it has a configurable SDI address and is powered by +12VDC from a datalogger’s SDI-12 bus. Normally the module is connected to an SDI port of a data logger; however, the sensor may also be connected to any SDI-12 compliant controller.

SDI modules can be used in multiples to provide a maximum of interface flexibility with a large number of analog sensors. The SDI-AM is fully configurable through the Axiom’s touchscreen display.

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