DTS-12 Digital Turbidity Sensor

DTS-12 Digital Turbidity Sensor

The marine-capable DTS-12 is one of the best Instream Turbidity Sensors.

Using true Nephelometric geometry, along with a durable optical face and angled head that sheds bubbles, it provides extremely clean, highly precise data with repeatable, long-term accuracy.

The DTS-12 exhibits less than 2% annual optical drift, providing an incredible 12-month recalibration interval. The unique self-cleaning wiper minimizes bio- fouling. These features can typically save 11 site visits per year.

Set it and forget it. For up to 12 months.

  • The DTS-12 is the first turbidity sensor to use a laser diode light source, a coherent, narrow, near-infrared spectral beam that provides a constant intensity with virtually no degradation over time.
  • Unique, self-cleaning, bi-directional design utilizes a back- and-forth motion and two cavities in the face of the sensor that scrape away any fouling twice each time the wiper is activated.
  • Non-abrasive silicone wiper blade prevents optical face abrasion and cannot be impregnated with sediment or bio-fouling.
  • Integrated thermal compensation provides very high thermal stability of light source and electronics.
  • Accurate readings for up to 12 months.

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