FT Technologies Anemometer

The FT Technologies FT742 measures wind speeds up to 75 m/s. Its innovative design delivers FT Technologies’ highest levels of accuracy yet. The Direct Mount (DM) is used in meteorological applications. The Surface Mount (SM) has been specifically designed for OEM integration.

As an FT Technologies Integration Partner, FTS works closely with FT Technologies to optimize solutions from both companies. Our collaboration and teamwork produce even more reliable, accurate and easy-to-use offerings.


For use in meteorological applications

The Direct Mount (DM) fits directly onto a 33.7mm pipe, making it ideal for a wide range of meteorological applications.


Designed for OEM integration

The Surface Mount (SM) has been specifically designed for OEM integration.


This is Acoustic Resonance technology. Acu-Res enables FT Technologies’ sensors to take accurate measurements in a small space. This means FT Technologies’ sensors are small, easy to heat, durable and strong. Acu-Res sets FT sensors apart from mechanical and other ultrasonic wind sensing technologies to give a more robust and reliable measurement solution.

The sensor works by creating a resonating ultrasonic signal inside the sensor’s measurement cavity. The motion of air is sensed by measuring the phase change in the ultrasonic signal caused by the wind as it passes through the cavity. The sensor has three transducers arranged in an equilateral triangle. The net phase difference between a transmitting and receiving transducer pair is indicative of the airflow along the axis of the pair. Therefore by measuring all three pairs the component vectors of the airflow along the sides of the triangle are determined.

These vectors are combined to give the overall speed and direction. The sensor uses complex signal processing and data analysis taking a sequence of multiple measurements to calculate regular wind readings.


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