EON2 CS2 GOES Antenna

EON2 CS2 GOES Antenna

The last GOES and GPS antenna you’ll ever need.

The EON2 CS2 requires no assembly, and no aiming in most locations. Rugged by design, it is completely sealed for marine environments and dome-shaped for superior ice/snow shedding. Furthermore, it is smaller, lighter and more durable than a Yagi.

Key Features:

  • One antenna replaces separate GOES and GPS* antennas
  • Cabinet top mounting eliminates exposed wiring
  • Extremely rugged—nothing to break
  • Quick to install and reliable to operate

*GPS is optional.

Small and light

  • 32 cm x 13 cm at widest (12.7″ x 5.2″)
  • 396 g (Less than 1 lb.)

Sealed enclosure

  • Reliable operation in harsh environments (ice and snow, marine environments).
  • Material is designed for prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture and heat.

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