Ubicom Features

Ubicom Iridium or Cellular

Ubicom Features


Ubicom is your crucial link to your remote station. Its clever “all-in-one” design ensures availability of this “lifeline”.

  • all components designed and tested to ensure they work together
  • fewer connection and integration points to fail
  • simple installation reduces chance of incorrect installation
  • no antenna cables—ensures full power to antennas
  • place the transceiver up to 15m (50ft) from station with no signals loss
Clever design focuses on maximizing station uptime. Ensure you get the data you need, when you want it.

Cost Reduction

  • Remote station management eliminates non-scheduled trips to remote stations to rectify most problems. Keep your station running and your data flowing.
  • Diagnose problems remotely. Download a remote log file. Issue an SDI command. Try a reboot (it’s still the most common way to resolve most problems with dataloggers).
  • Fix issues without a site visit. Whether reconfiguring the datalogger programming, purging a bubbler or restarting the datalogger or SDI sensor, you have the tools to avoid costly site visits.


  • Ubicom delivers a new level of insight into your remote network.
  • Access a dashboard view of the health of your entire network. Know where the problems are, and where they aren’t. Drill down into specific stations and specific components of stations.
  • Know the situation at the site before you travel to it. If it’s determined a site visit is necessary, properly prepare for it. Don’t pack what you don’t need.

Hardware standardization

  • The integrated, pre-provisioned, all-in-one design standardizes your remote communications hardware across your network.
  • Single device, single SKU.
  • iridium and cellular hardware and service—one device, one vendor, no third parties.


  • Ignore the limitations of GOES. Experience the freedom to transfer the data you want, when you want.
  • Temporarily log and transmit high resolution data (ex. every 5 minutes).
  • 2-way communication gives you freedom to remotely interact with your station, anytime, anywhere.

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