A simple way to accurately collect suspended sediment and nutrient data.

SedEvent is a turn-key system based around the effective Turbidity Threshold Sampling method, for intelligent, automated sampling that measures suspended sediment concentrations (SSC) and requires no programming to install and maintain.

The ability to collect useful data about sediment transport and other pollutants has been dependent on the timing and frequency of manual grab samples during run-off events, if personnel, time and support are available for a site visit.

Other automatic samplers can trigger many unnecessary samples, so that the limited supply of sample bottles can be expended, or nearly so, before the critical point of storm event.

The 24-bottle capacity of our SedEvent System, coupled with our threshold sampling algorithm, ensures only event samples are taken and in sufficient quantity to provide reliable data.

SedEvent eliminates the need for expensive manual grab samples during unpredictable storm events and lab analysis costs are minimized as only storm events are analyzed.

Key Benefits:

  • A complete, turnkey system. Install it and start collecting data immediately.
  • Reduced lab analysis costs. An autosampler without a threshold sampling algorithm takes many non-event samples that yield no sediment. SedEvent takes only the samples that count.
  • No programming required. Any technician, regardless of skill or training, can be successful with operating and maintaining the system.
  • No complex wiring. Color-coded, keyed connectors. All components are interchangeable and field swappable—just disconnect, plug the new one in. Easier maintenance, greater reliability.
  • Built-in, customizable, event-driven, turbidity threshold sampling algorithm is ready to go as soon as the datalogger is powered on. No need to program or hire expensive consultants.
  • Extreme ruggedness. Watertight, corrosion-resistant, positive-locking connections. No exposed electronics. Three levels of lightning protection. Even a waterproof touchscreen. Reliable data in any climate or weather condition.
  • Accuracy that just can’t be achieved with manual sampling or even continuous turbidity monitoring.
  • One-stop support. A fully integrated system from a single supplier offers a single source for obtaining support and service.


A fixed site can be configured with any other digital and analog sensors required.







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  • Autosampler Interface Controller
  • DTS-12 Deployment Guide
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