The ideal solution for managing hydrology and meteorology environmental parameters. Configure, collect, store, and transmit from SDI-12 sensors and tipping bucket.

  • Compact, portable, affordable, and rugged
  • Leverage reliable GOES network (also certified for EUMETSAT)
  • Easy local wireless setup


High tech equipment for scientific data collection in the wilderness whatever the application. Whether outfitting a site for the first time or upgrading a pre-existing location, FTS offers a stand-alone LT1 or a complete solution with power and sensors.

HYDROMET: rainfall, temperature, wind, BP, stage

NETWORK INFILL: rainfall, stage, wind, temperature, soil moisture

GROUNDWATER: stage, rainfall, soil moisture

AIR QUALITY: particulate monitoring, gaseous pollutants, wind, temperature, humidity

LANDSLIDE MONITORING: soil moisture, rain fall, wind, temperature

FIRE WEATHER: temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind, solar radiation, fuel moisture

The FTS360 Config App interface is intuitive. It promotes frequently used functionality while still providing extensive programming capabilities for the expert technician. Once wirelessly configured, your LT1 will transmit its valuable information using established communication channels.

Remote asset management is equally easy. FTS360 allows you to view, organize, and control your stations and sensors from your computer or mobile device. Optional data hosting and active response alerting will complement this asset management tool by providing real-time operational decision making.

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