Our rugged and reliable products mean fewer trips to fix, less money and less time, more reliable data, and better management network.

Leveraging our experience with fire weather, we began designing complete, turnkey systems for a variety of other environmental monitoring applications. The applications we pursue are those that most closely align with our core competencies. Therefore, more than anything, we offer reliability for your meteorological and hydromet projects.

We accomplish this by developing products that are extremely rugged—they’re designed to handle your extreme environments in remote locations. They are also designed with operational simplicity in mind.

Our systems are based upon the Axiom Datalogger—a key technology that deliver rugged reliability in any environment, simplicity of operation, low maintenance costs, and easy integration into your existing sensors.

We combine this platform with telemetry, autonomous power systems, heavy-duty enclosures, and mounting platforms. The result is a completely turnkey system designed for seamless integration, installed and supported by a single organization—offering a single source for obtaining support and service. A meteorological or hydrometeorological station can be configured with any telemetry, digital and analog sensors or other components required.

FTS equipment design leverages the decades of experience we’ve gained from fire weather—the extreme end of meteorological monitoring.

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