Solar Radiation Sensors

Solar Radiation Sensors (SDI-PYR)

The SDI-SR-PYR is a pyranometer that measures total light available (global sun plus sky radiation). The sensor converts light through a photo-diode to an electrical signal, which is interpreted by the internal microprocessor.

The FTS solar radiation sensor is a digital sensor that stores all calibration coefficients internally, delivering scientific-grade data. It features an SDI-12 digital interface output and is housed in an anodized aluminum, water-resistant housing that provides excellent shielding from direct or reflected sunlight or rain.

The sensor mounts to a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum mounting arm, clamped directly to a weather station mast, providing a lightweight yet rugged sensor support. The connecting cable from the sensor is fitted with a waterproof military-style bayonet connector for ease of setup and reliable, long-term operation.

SDI-SR-PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)

  • This sensor measures solar radiation within plant canopies, greenhouses, controlled environment chambers, confined laboratory conditions or at remote environmental monitoring sites.

SDI-SR-PHO (Photometric Sensor)

  • A photometric sensor measures radiation as the eye sees it.

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