Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Dependable Performance in SDI or Analog

The SDI-THS-3/THS-3 is a high quality, robust and accurate digital temperature and humidity sensor housed in a durable solar radiation shield.

Key Features

  • Includes solar radiation and rain screen, cabling, and mounting arm
  • O-ring-sealed protective housing for internal electronics
  • Easily replaceable filter for protection from airborne contaminants
  • Your choice of SDI-12 or analog connection

Rugged Weather-Proof Monitoring

The solar radiation shield is comprised of six UV resistant louvers, providing effective protection from direct or reflected sunlight and rainfall, while ensuring good ambient airflow to the sensor.

The internal electronics are housed in an anodized aluminum tube, sealed at both ends by waterproof O-rings. The humidity sensor is protected from airborne contaminants and insects by a replaceable filter.

The sensor assembly mounts to an aluminum-mounting arm that clamps directly to the weather station mast, providing a lightweight yet rugged support.


A protective cap is used to protect the humidity wafer and is made of a porous high-density polyethylene filter material. Polyethylene is hydrophobic so it does not attract or retain water—it will not cause humidity reading errors when the humidity drops from a high to a low RH value. The filter also provides protection for the humidity wafer from dust and other airborne particles due to its small pore size (35 microns), affording a minimum of 12 months between servicing.

Manage your data with the included FTS360 web-based software. Powerful and easy-to-use, FTS360 allows you to view, organize and control your stations and sensors from your computer or mobile device. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), the software provides a secure and reliable way to create an intelligent network of sites that makes it easy to get the data you need, when you need it.

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