Tri-leg Tower

Tri-leg Tower

The FTS Tri-leg Tower is the standard for Fixed (permanent) RAWS in the U.S. Tower It is an extremely strong, durable and sturdy platform for remote monitoring equipment that will last for decades. Built from heavy aluminum pipe with welded gussets at critical joints, the Tri-leg tower is extremely robust.

The folding mast provides fast, easy access to wind sensors, which are positioned 20ft above the ground.

Key Features:

  • Zero civil works cost required – no concrete or special engineering required. The tower provides exceptional strength and stability as a free-standing structure assembled with only a few hand tools. No need to pour a cement pad in your remote location!
  • Technician safety—doesn’t require climbing to service wind sensors. The folding mast can be lowered and raised by only one person, making it easy to access the wind sensor.
  • Easy to transport – the entire structure can be shipped on a single 7′ x 4′ pallet. Without the pallet, it can also fit in a pickup truck.
  • Quick and easy to set up – assembled and anchored in one hour by two people, with a minimum of tools. Adjustable legs permit installation on uneven terrain. Full “Quick Start” instructions are included.
  • Smart design ensures data integrity – By aligning one side of the triangular tower to true east/west, all of the station components requiring alignment will automatically be aligned when installed. Ensures sensors are optimally positioned, even by novice technicians.
  • Environmentally friendly – Set-up and takedown is generally unobtrusive resulting in limited environmental damage.

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