Quick Deploy H-Series

Quick Deploy H-Series

The FTS Quick Deploy H-Series is a portable weather station used for temporary event monitoring applications. The QD-HX model allows users to swap the Axiom H1RS and/or Axiom H2 Dataloggers already purchased using a keyway mount inside the enclosure; while a QD-H1RS and QD-H2 system are assembled with a built-in datalogger.

The FTS Quick Deploy offers scientific-grade accuracy and reliability in
a portable form, which can be set up completely in 15 minutes by one person, with no tools and no technical training. Its portability means that one or more can be placed at the frontline and rapidly relocated as needed.

Because it was designed for emergency event management professionals, the Quick Deploy is not like any other portable weather station. It’s exceptionally durable so it can take a beating. We also designed it to be extremely simple to set up quickly and get working every time without any training, since we ship it preconfigured to your specifications and it doesn’t require a laptop or alignment of a GOES Antenna.


Axiom H1RS or Axiom H2 Datalogger

Sensors (optional)


Water Temperature


Dual Analog Wind Speed/Direction

Air Temperature/Humidity

Rain Gauge

Solar Radiation

Fuel Temperature and Moisture

DigiBP SDI-12 Barometric Pressure

Water Quality

SDI Soil Moisture/Temperature

Compatible with Lufft WS sensors


Solar Panel

The QD comes standard with three 7.5 amp-hour heavy-duty batteries, integrated into the enclosure.


Enclosure and tripod


EON2 GOES antenna

Optional: Integrated GPS Antenna

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