Top 5 FTS Blog Posts of 2017

Our team was busy in 2017 with the launch of the LT1 logging transceiver, FTS Bubbler and the FTS RAOS (Remote Automated Observation System). As the new year begins we are looking back on our top 5 blog posts of 2017 and preparing for another successful year.


Top Reasons to Invest in the New FTS Bubbler

Environmental agencies and first responders across the globe depend upon hydrologists and meteorologists to monitor and analyze changes in our water levels. Hydrologists, in turn, depend upon state of the art measurement tools such as the FTS Bubbler to help them provide critical information quickly and accurately. From its accuracy to its resistance to harsh temperatures and elements, the FTS Bubbler is designed to meet the needs of hydrologists who work in the most unforgiving environments. Below are the top reasons why hydrologists should invest in the new FTS Bubbler. >>Read More


The Importance of Upgrading Your Water Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring river and stream levels is a vital public obligation that supports the historical record, assists in managing the risks of future events such as flooding and provides real-time monitoring to issue warnings about impending flood crises. Detailed hydrological records extend back one hundred years, but recent developments in digital technology make timely data and alerts to flooding easier to collect. The imperative to measure the impact of climate change and manage local safety is becoming stronger as it alters the behaviors of rivers and flooding. >>Read More


7 Benefits of Rapid-Deployment Camera Systems for Natural Disasters

In the middle of a natural disaster, minutes matter when it comes to saving lives, protecting property, and ensuring smooth, fast responses that will keep everyone as safe as possible. Rapid-deployment camera systems for natural disasters have a number of key benefits that make them well worth the investment for disaster relief teams, first responders, and anyone else who will find themselves on the ground or in the air immediately after a natural disaster. >>Read More


New Categories of Modems Will Improve Connectivity in an All-connected IoT World

Up until recently, upgrades to modern cellular networks have been driven by a quest for faster data connections. To enable streaming audio and video on your mobile device meant that the base station and the cellular device had to squeeze even more information into the same amount of radio spectrum, primarily via power-hungry signal processing algorithms. With the advent of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) however, the goal is now to create ultra-low power systems. Data rates are largely inconsequential because the connected device is only looking to transfer a few bytes or kilobytes, not megabytes or gigabytes required on modern mobile devices. >>Read More 


What’s Next for Iridium NEXT

The Iridium satellite constellation is a system of 66 active communication satellites over the Earth’s entire surface and has become an innovation powerhouse with an array of integrated partners, such as Boeing and Honeywell. Iridium NEXT is a project that is focusing on the future and the next seven launches will involve Iridium NEXT satellites going into space to replace the existing satellite constellation with one that has greatly enhanced capabilities. >>Read More


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