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Remote Automated Observation System (RAOS)

An invaluable tool for fire management, the RAOS can be quickly deployed for prescribed burns and for smoke monitoring. Its thermal camera capabilities make it perfect for hot spot monitoring and tracking, day or night.

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The FTS Remote Automated Observation System (RAOS) can be rapidly deployed in any environment, giving you the ability to capture and transmit images or video clips over cellular or satellite. The RAOS is portable and easy to setup, ensuring complete situational awareness no matter what application.

  • Customize your solution by selecting either an infrared or thermal camera to go with the panorama camera
  • Time-lapse feature allows you to monitor environmental changes over time
  • Request images/video on-demand, on weather events or on a schedule

Complete Situational Awareness

With its rugged design, easy setup and flexible configuration, the RAOS is an essential component to environmental monitoring and emergency response. The RAOS can keep watch over large areas day and night, giving users powerful surveillance capabilities in remote areas.