Service Contracts

Service Contracts

FTS offers three types of Service contracts designed to suit a variety of customer needs:

  1. Annual On-Site Maintenance (AOM) – an FTS technician will visit the remote station once a year to perform scheduled maintenance.
  2. Factory Exchange Service (FES) – scheduled replacement sensors will be provided by FTS for the customer to exchange at the remote station.
  3. Return to Factory (RTF) – the customer removes from a remote station and sends to FTS annually, those sensors scheduled for maintenance

Swap Pool 

In the unlikely event that a problem should occur at a remote station we maintain a large swap pool of mission critical products at FTS that are ready to ship within 48 hours of notification.

This means that customers are never more than a few days without the equipment needed to keep their site operational.

For Service contract customers this service is available for the duration of the contract and for non-contract customers on a case by case basis.

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