Our Service Commitment

Our Service Commitment

FTS was founded on a single guiding principle: to make our customers successful in their efforts to monitor, record and analyse ongoing changes in the natural environment. This involves providing customers with exceptional service and support.

This has to be demonstrated in all aspects of our interactions with customers, measured so that we can understand the effect on our customers and viewed with an eye for continual improvement.

Our personnel—at every level and in every department of the company—are committed to making sure each customer is provided with the correct solution for their project. We ensure that every client fully understands their new system and its installation process and we back it all up with technical support.

Support starts at the beginning of the sales process. FTS sales personnel are trained to help customers design effective solutions for their projects, and are qualified to install systems and provide technical assistance.

Our customers regularly comment that you can always get an FTS support technician on the phone with no waiting, and a resolution to most issues on the first call.

Customers First

The need for constant uptime of equipment is critical for environmental monitoring. We understand how important it is for accurate data to be collected and retrieved from remote stations.

We manufacture what we sell, we sell directly and we service our own products. Rather than an average turnaround time of 3 months on repairs when working through a distributor of third-party equipment, we average less than 30 days on FTS products.

FTS provides one-stop accountability. The FTS datalogger, RAOS and LT-1 are manufactured, supported, sold, serviced and often installed in the field by FTS. We have complete control over our own equipment and repair it at our own facility. FTS additionally creates and supports our software solutions including AutoCaller, FTS360 and the FTS360 Configuration App.

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