Integrated into the Axiom F6 Datalogger, AirTalk gives fixed or portable Remote Automated Weather System (RAWS) the ability to “talk” with crews through their current handheld radios, giving them access to all current weather conditions. What’s more, AirTalk provides unprecedented clarity by using the same technology used by air traffic controllers around the world and other mission-critical applications.

So regardless of the background noise and other distractions your crews face, the message gets through. Crews stay mobile, and can concentrate on the task at hand.

AirTalk uses “text-to-speech” to convert weather data into audio, which is then broadcast over standard voice channels using any standard DTMF-capable radio. It is a popular option for Quick Deploy Portable RAWS, since users can call the station for instant on the spot voice reports of current conditions. In addition, it can be set to trigger the broadcast of current conditions when defined thresholds are reached, providing valuable alarms to the fire crew and eliminating the need to be near the QD.

Key Features:

  • Instant voice alerts of exceeded weather parameter thresholds provide real-time decision-making, maximizing firefighter and public safety.
  • Access data via any DTMF-capable handheld radio. Data is broadcast to all radios on the same channel.
  • Weather data is converted into a phrase of real human- recorded audio (not computer-synthesized). Our new “text-to-speech” engine is 50% louder and significantly clearer than previous generations.
  • Touchscreen user interface makes creation and modification of alerts and reports extremely simple.
  • Current weather conditions are available on-demand with a simple 3- or 4-digit numeric code keyed into the radio’s keypad. Assign your own DTMF tones for different reports.
  • External option available.

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