Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge

The rugged, all-metal RG-T Rain Gauge is FTS’ take on a simple, proven, mature technology. It has earned tremendous loyalty over several years for its extreme accuracy, excellent calibration retention and easy deployment.

Extremely simple

  • Screens in the funnel and over the base plate water outlets seal the tipping mechanism from insects and wind-borne material.
  • Built-in bubble levels and full 2-axis leveling mechanism make it quick and easy to mount the tipping bucket perfectly level on any surface (even a vertical pole).
  • Unmatched durability. It doesn’t rust!
  • Metal construction provides rugged durability.
  • Cable sheathed in braided stainless steel, to protect it from animal damage.
  • Cable terminates in a waterproof, military-style bayonet connector for use with Axiom Dataloggers (optionally available without military connector for use with other dataloggers).

Long-term accuracy and calibration retention

  • The tipping mechanism is injection moulded engineered resin, resulting in extreme accuracy on every unit.
  • Inner surface of tipper is super-smooth with no corners so it sheds water better than metal tippers and doesn’t allow dust or small debris to collect.
  • Jeweled (ruby) bearings mean minimal friction resulting in high sensitivity to accurately capture even very small rain events.
  • The jeweled bearings also prevent the mechanism from wearing out over time, resulting in long-term calibration retention.
  • The base and support posts are precision cast as a single structure, providing maximum vibration resistance. False measurements from wind are eliminated, ensuring long-term repeatable accuracy.
  • Stainless steel quick-release clamps eliminate retaining screws that can rust and adversely affect accuracy.


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