AutoCaller Version released

This update contains the following new features,improvements and bug fixes: See Release Notes for further details.

PART 1: Version

  • (NEW FEATURE) Option for LRGS Stations to connect to either Station Specific LRGS server or a Global server
  • (NEW FEATURE) USGS Pseudo binary GOES format
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Call Status screen modified
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Info Calls screen displays a longer history
  • (BUG FIX) Map view current conditions pop-up displays all available data
  • (BUG FIX) Global LRGS settings screen Secondary Server section changes to Primary Server text

PART 2: Version

  • (NEW FEATURE) Wireless laptop/Datalogger connectivity
  • (NEW FEATURE) Ability to use SDI-Transparent Mode to send commands
  • (NEW FEATURE) Ability to configure Axiom Dataloggers using the AutoCaller interface

Download the v. Installation File and Release Notes
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