Date jump experienced by a limited number of Axiom GOES Dataloggers and LT1-GOES on August 17, 2019

On August 17, 2019 a limited number of Axiom G5 and G6 GOES Dataloggers and LT1-GOES Logging Transceivers experienced a time jump of 1024 weeks to April 3, 2039. The issue was traced to GPS modules used in the GOES transmitters. This bulletin has been updated with information recently received from Trimble after the initial FTS bulletin was released on September 6, 2019.

Trimble, the manufacturer of the GPS modules installed in the GOES transmitters of affected Axiom and LT1-GOES units, was contacted on August 20. After investigation, Trimble identified the following:

  • Only GPS modules operating 20100716 firmware that were powered cycled between April 6 midnight and August 16 midnight were affected by the Y2039 bug
  • Issue only affects the year, month, and day output, not the time
  • Cold reset of the module is 100% successful in recovering the correct date (a cold reset requires power cycling the Axiom or LT1-GOES as described in the following instructions); in some cases the date recovers without user intervention
  • Once recovered, the Y2039 issue does not recur

See Customer Service Bulletin for details.