F6/H2/H1 Axiom Application Software Version released.

AS Version contains the following changes. See Release Notes for further details.

(NEW FEATURE) New USGS compatible Pseudo Binary transmission data format
(NEW FEATURE) Random Transmission in WSC format
(NEW FEATURE) Datalogger supports new telemetry type (Ubicom)
(IMPROVEMENT) Two new FTS commands for use with Ubicom Telemetry
(IMPROVEMENT) Ubicom telemetry permits data request by fields
(IMPROVEMENT) Ubicom telemetry permits selecting a portion of the audit log
(BUG FIX) Changing/Loading a configuration file did not change the ConfigID
(BUG FIX) Tsampler Process – Threshold units incorrect
(BUG FIX) Configuration uploads via Ubicom using Panorama 3.1 cause corruption
(BUG FIX) User Interface not sleeping on timeouts and excessive amount of requests being sent to the G5

Download AS Version and Release Notes.