F6/H2/H1 Axiom Application Software Version released

This update contains the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • (IMPROVEMENT) Add comments to Start and End Visit Reports
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Ability to order Processes
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Ability to only download the data since the last visit
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Ability to specify missing data number on export files
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Ability to maintain CSV data download field orders
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Windsonic sensor extension added kph in units menu
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Empty In-line logging intervals automatically deleted without deleting the sensor
  • (BUG FIX) Windsonic sensor extension did not recognize all Gill Windsonic sensors
  • (BUG FIX) Unable to change In-line Logging Interval for SDI Sensors which use multiple commands.
  • (BUG FIX) In-line Logging imported even though sensor not supported by the Datalogger
  • (BUG FIX) FTS Get Telem Configuration fails to return GOES interval correctly

See Release Notes for further details.

Download the Release Notes and AS Version