Service Bulletin: AutoCaller/StreamTrac – NOAA LRGS Password Implementation Plan

Please be advised that NOAA will be implementing a new LRGS password requirement which becomes effective on July 12, 2016. Currently you are able to download GOES data from the LRGS servers by entering your LRGS UserID and no password. On July 12th, you will no longer be able to log on without a password and the password entered will have to satisfy their new SHA-256 DDS password specification. For further information click on the “NOAA LRGS Password Implementation Plan” link below. This contains all the details and instructions for updating your password. To update your username and/or password in AutoCaller or StreamTrac click on the “ACST LRGS Password Instruction” link below.

Please contact FTS technical support if you have any questions.

NOAA LRGS Password Implementation Plan

ACST LRGS Password Instruction