Rain Gauge (RG-T)

The rugged, all-metal Rain Gauge (RG-T) is FTS’ take on a simple, proven, mature technology.


The rugged, all-metal Rain Gauge (RG-T) rain gauge is FTS’ take on a simple, proven, mature technology. It has earned tremendous loyalty over several years for its extreme accuracy, excellent calibration retention and super simple deployment that ensures success—customers especially appreciate the fact that unlike many tipping buckets available, it doesn’t rust.

Extremely simple

  • Screens in the funnel and over the base plate water outlets seal the tipping mechanism completely from insects and wind-borne material
  • Built-in bubble levels and full 2-axis leveling mechanism, make it quick and easy to mount the tipping bucket perfectly level on any surface (even a vertical pole)
  • Employs a tool-less design that utilizes “bicycle-style” quick-release clamps

Unmatched durability

  • Metal construction provides rugged durability
  • Cable sheathed in braided stainless steel, to protect it from animal damage
  • Cable terminates in a waterproof, military-style bayonet connector for use with dataloggers (optionally available without military connector for use with other dataloggers).