Submersible Pressure Transducer

The Submersible PT is a high-accuracy submersible pressure transducer.

The Submersible Pressure Transducer (PT) provides outstanding Total Error Band (TEB) accuracy for reliable, accurate measurements in real-world conditions.
The Submersible PT is ideally suited for environmental monitoring applications such as surface water, streams, and reservoirs using existing SDI-12 monitoring equipment.
The Submersible PT is ideal for remote applications where battery-powered operation with minimal current draw and networking multiple sensors to a data recorder are required. The included lightning protection makes it more robust for installation in areas prone to high current and voltage transients.
  • Standard ±0.1% FS TEB or optional USGS OSW accuracies available
    • ±0.1% FS TEB on ranges up to 900 ft W.C.
    • Meets OSW spec on ranges up to 70 ft W.C. from 0…40°C
  • 16-bit internal digital error correction for cost-effective low Total Error Band (TEB)
  • Digital output SDI-12 for maximum versatility
  • SDI-12 V1.3 protocol compatibility
  • 316L stainless construction standard
  • Lightning protection included
  • Built in the U.S.A. ARRA Section 1605 Compliant
For more information, refer to the full specifications in the datasheet under the Technical Documents tab.

Submersible Pressure Transducer Ordering Guide

(AEM) Product Number
PT, SDI-12, 0-10 m (0-33ft) range, Stainless Steel Case
PT, SDI-12, 0-21m (0-70ft), USGS OSW Spec, Stainless Steel Case
PT-SDI-12 0-5m (0-16 ft) Range (7PSI)
Submersible Cable for PTs
Desiccant Enclosure, PT to SDI Port, 3ft, MS-Axiom type
Desiccant Enclosure, PT to SDI Port, 3ft, MS-ALERT type
Desiccant Enclosure, PT to SDI Port, 3ft, Flying Lead
Tefzel Submersible Cable for 6641-05
Note: The SDI-12 series of this sensor suite provides a high accuracy durable design. For clients requiring long cable runs, our SDI-12 sensors are capable of single runs of over 500 ft (152m).  We recommend using the following desiccant options in the following scenarios:
For SDI-12 options:
  • SDI-SPT-INT for mil-spec connectors used with the Axiom dataloggers.
  • SDI-SPT-INT-AL for connecting to Mil-spec connectors on an ALERT/ALERT2 cannister.
  • SDI-SPT-INT-FL for flying leads to connect to other loggers/enclosures.