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Submersible Pressure Transducer

The FTS Submersible PT is a high accuracy submersible pressure transducer.


The FTS Submersible PT is a high-accuracy submersible pressure transducer with additional features that provide enhanced functionality, including dual outputs; i.e., one analog (4…20mA, 0…5 VDC, 0…10VDC) and one digital (RS485). The RS485 interface provides level and temperature information. Also, it allows the user to rescale the analog output from 10…110% of the basic range. Additionally, the FTS Submersible PT is capable of a standard accuracy of 0.25% BR TEB and an optional 0.1% BR TEB. The FTS Submersible PT can be manufactured in 316L stainless steel or titanium for increased resistance to corrosion, notably from seawater.


  • Standard ±0.1% FS TEB or optional USGS OSW accuracies available
    • ±0.1% FS TEB on ranges up to 900 ft W.C.
    • Meets OSW spec on ranges up to 70 ft W.C. from 0…40°C.
  • 16-bit internal digital error correction for cost-effective low Total Error Band (TEB)2
  • Selectable digital outputs (SDI-12 or RS485) for maximum versatility.
  • RS485 modified-MODBUS and SDI-12 V1.3 protocol compatibility.
  • 316L stainless construction standard – Optional titanium for severe applications.
  • Lightning protection included.
  • Built in the U.S.A. ARRA Section 1605 Compliant.

The FTS Submersible PT provides outstanding Total Error Band (TEB)2 accuracy for reliable, accurate measurements in real-world conditions.

The FTS Submersible PT is ideally suited for environmental monitoring applications such as surface water, streams, and reservoirs using existing SDI-12 monitoring equipment.

The FTS Submersible PT is ideal for remote applications where battery-powered operation with minimal current draw and networking multiple sensors to a data recorder are required. And, the included lightning protection makes it more robust for installation in areas prone to high current and voltage transients.