Iridium Modem

Take Control of Your Network

Ubicom is a reliable 2-way remote communication system. When connected to an FTS Axiom DCP, Ubicom allows high frequency data to be pushed at chosen intervals by Iridium to a gateway for retrieval. Using FTS AutoCaller, users can collect their data for analysis, export it to common formats for distribution and even perform advanced functions on the remote station itself.


Key Features

  • Reliable, all in one IP66 rated product.
  • Remote by design, typical power consumption 1/2 that of standard modems.
  • Flexible, proprietary protocol allows large messages to be sent over Iridium SBD.

AutoCaller is a powerful yet intuitive software tool that greatly simplifies data collection from remote FTS monitoring networks. AutoCaller+ allows you to do even more with features like interactive data graphing.

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