AutoCaller / AutoCaller+

Network Data Collection and Management Software


AutoCaller is a powerful yet intuitive software tool that greatly simplifies data collection from remote FTS monitoring networks. AutoCaller+ allows you to graph with interactive data graphing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Supports all FTS communication types
  • Automates scheduled calling and data collection
  • Greatly increases the speed of data retrieval from your remote network
  • Optimizes air time with satellite communications
  • Supports multi-user access to centralized database
  • Runs automatically as a “Service”
  • Automatic analytics with integrated US and Canadian fire code algorithms


More Features with Autocaller+:

  • Graphing with interactive graphical editing data reconstruction
  • Data alarms
  • Audit logs
  • Function-by-function security

The Three AutoCaller Modules

From this module, the end-user defines a PC/network, calling schedules, communication types, and remote station groups via a simple one time only “set up routine”.

Executes automatically scheduled electronic calls to remote network stations via defined FTS communication types. Simultaneous calls can be made via a bank of modems or with a combination of other communication types in the user’s network.

Data is automatically archived to this database as the stations are polled and data collected. AutoCaller’s centralized ODBC database allows multi-user access at any time even during call-up sessions; there is no need for individual users within the LAN or WAN to call the stations. The ODBC database is compatible with commonly used database systems.

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