CS2 GOES/Meteosat Transmitter

CS2 GOES/Meteosat Transmitter

FTS is a worldwide leader in GOES and Meteosat communications. Our GOES technology is the standard for all new weather stations for the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in the US, and for all new hydrologic stations for the Water Survey of Canada. 

Our sixth-generation GOES and Meteosat transmitter is extensively field proven. In fact, FTS GOES technology forms the backbone of the US National Climate Reference Station System. 

The G6-DB product can be connected to your datalogger providing reliable, free, non-terrestrial based telemetry for qualifying agencies. Combine this with the FTS EON2 omnidirectional antenna and cables for the complete package. FTS also offers high speed GOES data retrieval using our HRIT infrastructure. FTS360 subscribers receive their data within 10 seconds after scheduled or random transmission from their station. 

  • Certified to operate on both North and South American GOES network. 
  • Certified to operate on European/African Meteosat (EUMETSAT) network. 
  • Extremely accurate timekeeping reliably transmits hourly data for up to 28 days without a GPS fix. 
  • Extremely low power requirements extend operation in situations of low power or interrupted solar panel charging. 
  • Automatically calculates antenna azimuth and inclination, speeding installation and eliminating errors. 
  • Supports test transmissions on an alternate test channel with fixed text messages to ensure future data transmission reliability. 
  • Easy set-up and installation: Automatic reset and start-up (all configuration data stored in non-volatile memory). 
  • Provides diagnostic reports on forward and reflected power for on-site troubleshooting.

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