To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

First, our hearts and prayers are with those that have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we thank all those who are working diligently to stop its spread and reduce its impact.

Further, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to challenge public health and business communities globally, the Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AEM) family of businesses want you to know we have taken necessary action to ensure we continue to meet your needs while also protecting our employees. As severe weather and extreme natural events will be among the few things not impacted by the COVID-19 virus, we recognize that our products and services must continue to provide reliable data and insights for key decision makers to save lives, protect property and support safe and efficient operations.

All of our facilities have taken action regarding increased communication, training and supplies to maintain sanitary environments for our employees. We have also implemented our remote working procedures such that nearly 60% of our employees are already working from home to help minimize the potential for community spread of the virus. Within our production operations, we have staggered shifts and condensed workweeks to minimize employee transitions while allowing for improved workspace distancing. Finally, based on planning unrelated to COVID-19, the majority of our operations already have local inventory availability, minimal reliance on international suppliers and multiple sources for key components.

This is a dynamic and rapidly changing situation but the AEM family of businesses is committed to providing you uninterrupted service and support. Whether working at our offices or from our homes, we remain here and fully engaged to assist you when you need us. If you have concerns or if you need us, please contact us through your regular channels of communication to ensure we are best able to meet your needs and expectations.

Stay safe.

Rodney Smith – CEO, Advanced Environmental Monitoring

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