Digitemp Difference Accuracy = Credibility.

By implementing an easy to deploy and highly accurate tool to obtain reliable temperature information, this office has experienced an increased awareness of the local hydrology conditions in the online communities accessing this data, ensuring the continued ability to provide effective management of the land, water, and biological resources within the state.


  • Surface water data gathered from 25 stream gauge locations.
  • Information available through the USGS website to US Army Corps of Engineers, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Transportation, various cities and communities.
  • Data used to inform decisions regarding domestic, commercial, and industrial uses; crop irrigation; waste removal; hydroelectric power generation; commercial transport; and recreation.
  • Data accuracy is imperative.


  • Analog sensors required frequent replacement from staff with specialized knowledge to calculate the program coefficients for correct installation.
  • Due to the remote locations required for many of these units, the team wanted sensors that were easy to install and durable enough to last longer than a few years, without sacrificing data accuracy.


  • Built with durability, accuracy, and simplicity in mind, DigiTemp provides a simple-but-effective solution to measure water temperature.
  • DigiTemp requires no maintenance or calibration once deployed, and is designed to work flawlessly for years.
  • SDI-12 interface is purely plug-and-play and does not require an advanced understanding of calibration coefficients or resistance biasing.