As part of the Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AEM) group of companies, FTS is pleased to have a broader suite of products, services and expertise at our disposal to satisfy customer requirements and learn about new areas of the environmental monitoring market.

Recently, in response to a customer inquiry, we put together a system for a state Department of Transportation to address an icy bridge safety hazard. The solution included the LT1-Cell, FTS360 and a Fixed Surface Sentinel from High Sierra Electronics for non-contact pavement temperature data, and flashing road signs nearby. This lightweight RWIS application was tailor made for the LT1-Cell, which is an IOT, MQTT-based logging transceiver that gathers sensor data, pushes it to the cloud (FTS360), and alerts/alarms based on predetermined criteria. The customer did not require a fully compliant NTCIP system, nor did they have the budget for such a system. The integration effort was minimal as the Fixed Surface Sentinel is an SDI-sensor and the installation took under 3 hours.

Improved driver safety is the primary intended benefit with flashing signs capturing motorist attention should the conditions warrant turning on the flashing beacons due to freezing, icy conditions on the road. The system will provide localized data to the flashing signs, and through the FTS360 cloud platform this information will be centrally available in real-time or after the season for detailed analysis. Additionally, savings from a reduction in amount of road material applied are expected.

If you are looking for ways to improve road safety with an affordable road weather information system contact us for more information or a quote.

Below are a few images from the project.

The LT1-Cell system mounted roadside with Fixed Surface Sentinel

The flashing sign and data flowing into the FTS360 web application.

FTS360 Software

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