Application Software (AS)

Axiom F6/H2 software update
Download v. (CAB, 4.7MB
Axiom H1 software update
Download v. (CAB, 4.7MB)
Software Release Notes
Download v. Release Notes

AS history
Software changes by version


If you are unfamiliar with the AS update procedure, please download and reference the instructions below.

Application Software Update Instructions
Download (PDF)

NOTE: An alternative method for uploading the AS is via the Axiom Application Updater Tool. When visiting a remote station we recommend taking this as a backup method.

Operating System (OS)

OS update
Download OS updater v. to install Axiom OS v.3.1.1 (ZIP, 15.2MB)


If you are unfamiliar with the OS update procedure, please read the instruction manual below.

Axiom OS Updater Tool
Download (PDF, 641KB)

G5/G6 GOES Transmitter Firmware Update via Axiom USB

Device Firmware Updater USB (includes G5/G6 WNRO)

FTS360 Windows 10 App (Version 1.8.27)

IMPORTANT: This version is only recommended to be used if you can’t download the app from the Microsoft Store as it does not automatically update. You will be required to return to this page to get updates for the app.

NOTE: You may be required to allow “sideload apps” on your Windows 10 PC which may require Administrator privileges or not be allowed depending on your companies IT policy.